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Nicky Willis

I’m a rare breed! One of the only female competitive  jousters in Britain. I joined the International Jousting League in 2010 and have competed

 in many tournaments including

Not only do I train and provide horses, I ride and perform in all types of historical horse shows; jousts, Western shows and much more!

H4H is my passion, when I’m not doing the live shows, I coach and train people to improve their horse riding and  performance skills. Being able to share my years of experience is great for me to help others achieve their goals. I also provide horse drawn carriages for weddings and funerals, so life at H4H is always busy!

H4H - not just horses

Fantastic horses need a professional team.

I have a team of professional grooms, riders and specialist equipment.We can provide everything necessary for the success of any project or show.

H4H Groom

Jodi Darroch

Jodi has been with H4H from the start; she is reliable, professional and adaptable. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to make the H4H horses ready for anything!

As a rider herself she has a great understanding of what tasks are needed in any situation.